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Why You Should Consider Painting Your Kitchen or Bathroom Cabinetry

The most common area in a house everyone wants to redo is the kitchen. A kitchen remodel can give the whole home an entirely new look and feel. But, one is often left with an inadequate budget after finishing purchasing all the kitchen appliances and accessories, changing the counter tops and floors/tiles to get new cabinets done. Many people would be amazed to see what a professional cabinet painter like BRS Painting of St. Louis can do to make your old cabinets look completely new. We can assure you of amazing results and a finish so smooth and nice that it will add glamour and beauty to your new kitchen. That too, without having to spend a fortune on new cabinets.

Understanding the Cabinet Painting Process

We understand that the kitchen is like a workplace. The cabinets have to withstand grime, dirt, chemicals and daily dusting, scrubbing and cleaning. For this, the paint job should be smooth, durable and cleanable. It should be long lasting and come with a smooth finish. BRS Painting of St. Louis ensures exactly this. All the cabinet doors and drawers are labelled and removed carefully and transported to our location for prep work. All the doors, drawers and cabinet bodies are cleaned with a liquid de-glosser to make sure all the old finish is removed and cleaned thoroughly. This is to ensure the new paint adheres properly with a smooth finish. To make sure that only your cabinets get painted, we cover the surrounding walls, floors and inside of the cabinet bodies with paper, plastic or drop cloths. To provide durability and high quality finish, only the best quality paints are used. We highly recommend using the Pro-Cryl (primer) and Sher-Cryl (finish) from Sherwin Williams on all of our cabinet painting projects.

After all prep work of de-glossing is finished, an HVLP (High Velocity Low Pressure) sprayer is used to apply a primer coat. This helps spray a uniform amount of paint all over and allows foe a smooth finish. This process is carried out on the cabinet bodies in the kitchen as well as on the doors and drawers that have been transported to our shop. All the surfaces are sprayed with the primer and allowed to cure for 24 hours. This allows the primer to bond with the substrate. The same process is followed to apply the finish coat, which needs to be left for curing for the next 48 hours. The longer the curing, the better the finish. Once we are happy with the curing, the process of re-installation begins.

BRS Painting of St. Louis ensures that we do a clean job of reinstalling the cabinets, doors and drawers. All tapes, drop cloths, paper and plastic is removed in a neat fashion and all the hardware is replaced carefully to make sure your cabinets function smoothly. We suggest you to change the handles of the cabinet doors and drawers to add a nice look to the cabinets. Once all the things are in place, you can be rest assured no one will be able to guess if your cabinets are repainted ones or absolutely new!

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