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St. Peters, MO Exterior, Interior, and Cabinet Painting

BRS Painting of St. Louis is known for being a top rated painting solutions provider in the St. Peters, MO area. The requirement could range from a small residential unit to a small office building. We can cater to all types of painting projects. We can make sure all the work is done with great quality and finesse on any scale. We have an adequate workforce to cover all your personal and business painting needs.

Our aim as St. Peters Painters is to make sure the job is well done and our customers are happy. We take great care to address all the issues that need to be looked at while drawing up a plan to paint your space. The plan includes details from the preparatory work that we would be doing to make sure the end result is as desired and the final walk through that one our representatives will conduct with the customer before deeming the project is closed. Our project ends only when both parties are satisfied with the results and mutually agree that expectations have been met.  This is what a top rated St. Peters painting company will provide you!

Once the prep work is finished, our crew will get to work on painting the exterior and interiors of your premises (or whatever areas you hired us for). We respect the surroundings and understand that our job is not only to paint but also, not to spoil any of your precious tile, floors, furniture etc.  All floors and tile are covered before we start painting to prevent any kind of damage or staining. Once the painting is completed, our St. Peters painting crew will clean everything and ensure everything is spic and span. Finally, you will be asked to sign off after you have inspected everything and are satisfied with the job. People who have used our services in the St. Peters area will vouch for the quality of the products and equipment that we use. Our painting jobs are neat, professional and guaranteed.

We also repaint cabinets and drawers in case you are planning to get a new look for your kitchen or store rooms. We can give you a quote once we take a look at the number of cabinets that need to be repainted. We use premium quality primer and paints to do the repainting which is done with a technically advanced spray paint gun. All the prep work and painting job for the cabinet doors, drawers and bodies is done at our office to avoid too much on site inconvenience. We promise to do a neat job and you will be surprised how new and completely different your cabinets will look once we are done with them. You only need to change the handles and knobs if you want and no one in the St. Peters area will ever know you just saved a lot of money by just repainting your old cabinets.

Wallpaper Removal Services in St. Peters:

Wallpaper removal is really hard to do. Unless one is trained for this job, it is best not to attempt it. Why break your head when you can get experts to do it? BRS Painting of St. Louis has experts specifically trained to do wallpaper removal jobs. Steam removal is the technique we use to make sure the whole wallpaper is removed without any damage to the underlying drywall and plaster. The prep work is also done so that you can be rest assured that the finish will be smooth and uniform.

Commercial Painting Services in St. Peters:

We not only provide services for small and medium sized establishments, we also provide painting services to large sized businesses. All you have to do is reach out to us and we will immediately visit your establishment to assess your needs and provide you with an estimate at no charge. We have a large workforce that can be made available at timings that work best for you. All this will be discussed while we draw up a plan for your job. We are very organized and prefer to go step-by-step in catering to your needs. Once the prep work is completed, the tapes or dirt cloths are put up to ensure there is no staining or damage to anything that does not need to be painted. Once the paint job is finished, our crew will make sure, every single drop of paint spatter is cleaned up and your establishment looks as good as new. Our crews are highly efficient and have their systems in place. There is no chance of failure or a shoddy job. You can watch us in action and you will know how good we are. Once everything is done, you can check for yourself and then we can go ahead and close the contract.

Painting Services We Offer in St. Peters:

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