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St. Louis Wallpaper Removal & Stripping

Most of us know that stripping wallpaper off the walls is one of the tasks we dread the most!  And honestly, it is one of the most difficult tasks to handle.  We offer a solution to your needs. We have a St. Louis wallpaper removal service to help you with this issue.

The need to remove wallpaper arises if it has faded or torn in places. Sometimes you simply do not like what the previous owner has put up.  Other times, you are looking to paint.  So, once you decide to remove it, you should know that it is not a simple tear and throw job. The wallpaper has to be removed with utmost care to prevent any damage to underlying wall surface. The drywall, if damaged while removing the wallpaper will be difficult to prep and would need additional work and funds to set right.  So next time you are looking for a St. Louis wallpaper removal service, give us a call!  We’re here to help!


How difficult is to strip your wallpaper?

The difficulty level usually depends on a few factors like:

  • Number of layers of wallpaper.
  • Adhesive used to stick it to the walls.
  • Drywall surface condition beneath the wallpaper.
  • Extent of damage to the wallpaper surface.

Rarely does any wallpaper come off in clean and uniform fashion. Therefore, leave the job to BRS Painting of St. Louis, who with their special techniques, equipment and knowledge will simplify this tedious task for you. Even if there is any damage, our experts know how to deal with it and set things right.


What is the most effective way to remove wallpaper?

The first basic step is to make sure the flooring is protected while the wallpaper is being removed. To ensure the solution sprayed on the wallpaper can penetrate properly, it needs to be scored carefully without causing any divots or damage to the underlying drywall. Once the scoring is complete, a pump sprayer is used to spray the solution (generally DIF is used) on to the wallpaper. It needs to be left on the wall for 15 minutes before the wallpaper can be removed.

BRS Painting of St. Louis technicians will get to work as soon as the solution has done its job. As far as possible, we try to remove the wallpaper in uniform sheets. If it does not come off in sheets, a putty knife is used to remove the wallpaper in small sections. The underlying adhesive is also scraped off with the putty knife. To get a great finish, it is really important to get all the adhesive and wallpaper off. The underlying drywall and plaster should fixed if it is damaged in any manner. Joint compound can be used to repair bigger areas.

Once all the surfaces are clean and uniform, and have had enough time to air and dry, our technicians will do the necessary painting and finishing. Your once faded and dull walls will take a life of their own and add that extra bit of brightness to your home.


What does it cost to get wallpaper off?

We believe in giving a proper estimate to our clients in a transparent manner. So, without having any idea about the amount of work needed to done at your place, we would not be able to give you a fair estimate. We would be more than happy to provide you with a detailed estimate. Call us or fill out the form on page and we will get back to you.


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